Generating interest and involvement in historic preservation is fundamental to the mission of SPA. The Education Committee develops educational opportunities and hands-on projects to increase public awareness of the economic and societal value of historic preservation.

Education Committee

Darci Bunten, Chair

The Education Committee’s purpose is to assess community needs and to develop preservation and heritage education programs accordingly. The ideal is fostering an informed approach to preservation for both our members and the general public while increasing connections with other preservationists. Educational programs include lectures by local experts in the field of historic preservation and tours of historically significant locations. Additionally, hands-on workshops with local craftsmen offer opportunities to learn skills useful to owners of historic properties, at the same time building relationships with others interested in historic preservation.


Marc Anthony, Chair,

Communicating the benefits of historic preservation for the community is fundamental to SPA’s mission. People can’t support what they don’t understand, and the Communications Committee utilizes all strategies to increase understanding of SPA’s purpose, activities, accomplishments, and projects. SPA’s quarterly newsletter, The Update, is a primary means of communication with our members. Further, social media is purposefully utilized to introduce SPA’s message to those currently outside our organization. Harnessing a variety of means of communication is this committee’s task, as the significant economic and social value of historic preservation to Spokane County is a story worth telling.


Kelly Lordan, Chair

The preservation of historic heritage requires community action, and the Doing-It Committee brings people together to do just that. Hands-on preservation projects are engaged throughout the region on a quarterly basis. Preservation projects are various, from supporting individual owners undertaking elaborate restoration work to city-wide clean up of historic neighborhoods. The essential ingredient of all Doing-It projects is community-building amongst people who value the preservation of historic properties. And the ultimate outcome is a lot of fun!