About Us

Spokane Preservation Advocates was formed in 1997 by a group of local historic preservation advocates, who believed in the value of preservation and its role in enhancing Spokane’s quality of life. These preservation pioneers saw the need for a new organization in Spokane to supplement the work of existing preservation-related groups while also providing a strong advocacy voice for preservation issues. From the very beginning, SPA has been inclusive, open to all.

Our latest issue of our newsletter, the Update, is HERE.

Our Mission

The mission of Spokane Preservation Advocates is to preserve and enhance the historic character of Spokane and Spokane County through advocacy, education and preservation.

Our History

Spokane Preservation Advocates works to preserve and enhance Spokane’s assets, both through our own efforts and by partnering with other organizations.  SPA began in 1997 and initially formed three committees: Doing-It, Communications/Networking and Funding. Within the first 6 months, SPA held 5 Doing-It projects and co-hosted a reception to honor local architect/developer Ron Wells’ appointment to the board of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We gained 40 new members, developed a newsletter, and arranged a walking tour of Peaceful Valley. SPA sent a letter of support to an organization working to preserve the river gorge and many other accomplishments. In 1999, the Heritage Fund was established beginning with Board members each donating $150. Members contributed and a rummage sale was held. Over $2,500 was raised and then given towards the restoration of the Fox Theater.  The Advocacy and Events committees were created soon after. In 2010, SPA created the Joanne Moyer Award to honor local persons, businesses or organizations who have demonstrated excellence in preservation activities in Spokane County. We became a Local Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2011, and worked to help bring to Spokane the National Preservation Conference (2012), and then worked with a broad coalition to plan it. Our latest effort is the creation of our newest Committee: Education.

Board of Directors

President – Ann Keinholz Jurcevich — email
Vice President – Ann Price — email
Secretary – Becky Holly Gupta — email
Treasurer – Shaun Skidmore — email
Past-President – Bridget Piper — email
Advocacy Chair – Barbara T. Clapp — email
Communications – Roynane Lisk — email
Development Chair – Tresa Schmautz — email

       Hospitality – Virginia Carter — email
Education Chair – Jennifer Fees — email

       Doing-It – Kelly Lordan — email

Heritage Grants – Ann Price — email

Member-at-Large – Rob McCoy — email
Member-at-Large – Caitlin Shain – email
Member-at-Large – Sheri Peters – email

Advisor Emerita – Joanne Moyer — email
Advisor Emerita – Paul Mann — email

Staff – Dave Shockley, Executive Coordinator – email

Sponsors for 2016 – 2017

John & Ro Lisk

Don Pearson

Larry Stone & Jan Jecha
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