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Dear Friends,

Our name says it all:  Spokane Preservation Advocates.  We love Spokane and we work hard to preserve it, but advocacy has always been at the heart of SPA.  Since 1997 we have fought to save places that matter in our community.  We have often been successful, but at times volunteer voices alone have not been enough.  This year we have resolved to do more.

In recognition of our 20th Anniversary we have launched 20 for 20, a bold plan to raise $20,000 for an Advocacy Fund.  The fund could pay for legal assistance, technical expertise, advertising or similar actions that would enhance our voice in the community.  The commitment of our volunteers is unquestioned.  Our next task is to provide financial resources to back that commitment.

Several years ago, when the Jensen-Byrd Building was threatened with demolition, our Board spent $10,000 to hire an attorney to fight the demolition.  We were successful, and the building still stands.  There was no money in the budget for this expenditure, but it was clear we had no choice.  Had we not taken the risk, Spokane would certainly have lost another reminder of our heritage.  In establishing the Advocacy Fund, we prepare for the future.  We position ourselves to advocate forcefully from a position of strength rather than reacting in a crisis mode with inadequate resources.

We began the 20 for 20 Campaign at our recent gala, “Sparkle and Spend.”  We hoped to raise $6,000 to $7,000 from the raise-the-paddle event, which would have given us a good start toward our ambitious goal.  To our great delight, we raised over $13,000.  Clearly, the concept touched a chord with the members present that evening.  Last week, as you may have heard, the Friends of the Davenport disbanded and donated $5,000 to 20 for 20.

Now, with more than $18,000 in hand, a goal that once seemed distant is within sight.  Many of our members were unable to attend the gala and are thus unaware of this new initiative.  Knowing how many of you have dedicated yourselves to advocacy for many years, we now ask, will you help SPA attain–or even surpass–this goal?  We have achieved much for a young organization, but we still have much to do.  Please consider a donation to SPA for 20 for 20 to ensure that we continue to advocate effectively for the places that matter in Spokane.

To contribute send your check payable to Spokane Preservation Advocates (SPA) to the address below.  Please indicate 20 for 20 on your donation.  Or you may click HERE to donate online.  (SPA is a 01(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.)

Thank you for supporting SPA

SPA Board of Directors

PO Box 785 * Spokane, WA * 99210


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